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We treat each motorcycle customer with integrity and do everything we can to provide excellent customer service.

We strongly believe that supporting our customers after the sale is as important as the sale itself.

Below are some testimonials from actual customers who have purchased a motorcycle from us.  If you purchased a motorcycle from us, please feel free to share your experience and any feedback at the bottom of the page – we greatly appreciate it!

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  • Whether buying a bike from or selling a bike to MG Motorsports you can be sure the transaction will be smooth and the overall experience will be an absolute pleasure. Hands down the best customer service I’ve yet to encounter in the motorsports business! Mike and his dedicated team are simply fantastic!!!

  • By far the easiest and quickest buying experience I’ve ever had. The customer service was phenomenal and they made sure I understood everything before I left the lot. Would definitely purchase from them again.

  • I purchased a beautiful Yamaha R1 from Mike and I will say this was by far the best experience I have ever had purchasing a bike or any vehicle for that matter. We talked about our love for motorcycles and how much we had had in common. It was a pleasure doing business with you Mike

    Thank you.

  • Dealt with Mike the owner himself of MG Sports
    These guys treat you with genuine care and respect
    when working on a bike transaction
    great honest dependable establishment
    Austin , Tx

  • I bought my 2020 Suzuki GSXr750 about a month ago. It was the first time I bought a bike by myself and the people who helped me pick a bike and find the best option for me were Coleman and Mike, the owner. Mr. Mike made everything smooth and easy. Very glad with my experience.

  • I just bought my first motorcycle from Mike. I went to MGMotorsports after being told it was the best from a local shop. They were right. I had an amazing experience and will definitely be back.

  • Brought a bike from Mike about a month ago. From the jump gave of very knowledgeable fast and great service. Made the process very easy even without being in the actually shop put together purchase order and had my bike delivered the next day. I love my bike and I appreciate the service. You recieved a customer 4 life

  • Brian Barnes

    Mike and MG Motorsports are absolutely fantastic and offer first class service! He made the buying process very easy for me and the Honda CBR 600RR is an absolute dream to ride. I can’t say enough good things about Mike. His wife helped me with the financing and they even shipped my bike down to Richmond. If you want top notch service and you are looking to buy a bike, look no further and go to MG Motorsports!

  • Andrey Nikolaev

    Hello from Alaska, I would like to thank Mike for all efforts and arrangements he made from posting very detailed photos to arranging delivery of the 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 to Anchorage. He even managed to find in his town my neighbor in Anchorage who just happened to be there by some coincidence, was planning to drive back to Anchorage with the trailer and agreed to transport the bike for very reasonable price (sounds like a fairy tale, but that is the real story). That all tells me that Mike has real biker’s soul which tells him what his brother bikers really need in life. He made me and my three sons very happy when we got the bike. Thank you so much Mike.

  • (2013 GSX-R600) I don’t even know where to start. I’ve been riding and buying motorcycles for about 7 years. Most of them used bikes. For the first time this season I went to buy one new from MHKS in Manassas and was laughed out of the dealership after asking a lot of questions about financing, after all, if you’re gonna spend 10k on a bike you need to find the best deal, they didn’t seem to understand that, and were very unwilling to work with someone like me. I found Mike through an add on cycle trader that seemed to good to be true. I called an asked many questions about the bike, all of which Mike answered, all while out of town. When I got to the shop the bike had already been sold, but my sales guy Coleman was more than happy to show me some other bikes and answer literally every question I could think of. If he couldn’t answer it, he made sure to contact Mike right away to get it answered.
    They had a bike they just got in they hadn’t even listed that Coleman showed me, and when I say it was perfect it was PERFECT. A 2013 GSXR600 with no less than 0000073 miles on it. Literally it had 73 miles on it. I could not believe Mike found a bike in mint condition like this. OEM pipe, stock everything , barley ever been touched. He sold it to me for barley a thousand more than another bike I had looked at that had 10k on it. This is just the beginning.

    I put down 500$ on the bike, and Mike worked personally with me for about and week and half going through lenders trying to find someone who would lend to me. He never acted like I wasn’t worth my time, and never failed to communicate any details or answer any questions I had. Even after I was denied financing he didn’t give up and just pointed me toward another lender who could help. Never rushed me, and was never ever impatient or unwilling to ask any of my stupid questions.

    If you want to buy a bike and be treated like a person who is worth spending time on, MG motorsports is your place. They are all as passionate about bikes as you are I promise. Mike won’t let you down, I will only be buying bikes from Mike from now on, and I live half way across the country. Stop looking on Facebook and craigslist, and other dealers, give your business to Mike, you won’t regret it.

  • I don’t know where to begin! Mike and Emily are the BEST!!! I went to a few dealers didn’t get the service they provided, the care, the love above all!!! You have to check them out before anywhere else I PROMISE you, you’ll feel good and be glad you went their! Thank you Mike and Emily I DEFINITELY will refer and return!

  • Bounced around between GSXRS, ZX-10RS, and Harley before I ultimately went back to my first love—GSXR. I was looking for a bike I was as comfortable on as my first 2006 GSXR. Well I found it at MG. Mike runs an awesome business and treats you like more than a customer. I had some small issues with the bike I bought, but Mike took care of me. He even offered to come by on off time to check it out and transport the bike back to gemini (they share the building) to find out what the issue was. HUGE Thumbs up to Ali and the guys at Gemini also. So in my opinion MG, just based on customer service alone, would be my go to. Great customer service is hard to find and Mike has it nailed down. Not to mention the prices of the bikes are hard to beat for the quality you are getting.

  • Bought a beautiful 2010 R6 from MG Motorsports this past weekend and could not be happier. I was coming from out of state and Mike was out of town that day so he made sure everything was ready to go before I got there. He was in touch with me and his guys at the shop at every step to ensure everything went off without a hitch. I drove down 2.5 hours on saturday morning and the bike was exactly as described – absolutely flawless condition and the price was an amazing deal. The total time from when I arrived to when I was on the bike taking it back home was under 15 minutes. He even helped me out after the sale in locating some turn signals I would need to pass Delaware inspection which requires the bike to basically be 100% stock except the exhaust. I could definitely tell that Mike and his entire crew care about what they’re doing and making sure I’m 100% satisfied. I will absolutely refer everybody I know looking for a bike to MG Motorsports and after dealing with them have I have enough trust that I would literally buy a bike from them sight unseen. Mike was 100% upfront and honest the entire way and never pressured me with anything – it was honestly the perfect experience I would want from a dealer.

  • I had been looking to get another bike for a while and finally decided on what I wanted. I’m a headstrong type of gal, so when I make up my mind, that’s it. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in my area (Richmond) and decided to expand my search area. I stumbled across MGMOTORSPORTS and was very impressed by the reviews. Mike was extremely responsive, understood what I was looking for, and didn’t try to “sell” me. He kept me in mind when he received the bike I was looking for in his inventory. I scheduled to travel to his shop, purchased the bike, and he even had it shipped all the way to my house. To top it off, he personally recommended a legit biker mechanic that’s in my area. Really great customer service and all-around good guy. No regrets and I would do it again. -Shavonne

  • I recently purchased a 2018 Suzuki GSX 250R from MGMotorsports and it was an absolute pleasure doing business with Mike. MGMotorsports has certainly earned my trust and I will be back when it comes time to upgrade my ride.

  • Knowing that I could have bought a bike from anyone anywhere, I am glad that I purchased my first bike from Mike. After searching everywhere for a couple of months I reached out to mike about a bike that he had listed on on the shop’s site. Mike quickly returned my call and had notified me that the bike I was interested in had just sold. Mike then said he had a few similar bikes to the one that I was looking for. After seeing what he had and discussing what I was looking for in my first bike, he quickly found one that caught my attention. My first bike purchase could not have been any more memorable. Mike handled everything professionally and treated me as if he’d known me forever. He is true to his word and customer service is definitely a core value with him. I am truly thankful that I choose this dealership as my first stop. Ive already started sending more business to Mike and look forward to future purchases as well.

  • Highly recommend visiting Mike at MG Motorsports. Mike and Josh met me (off normal business hours), answered all of my questions, and even gave me some time to think about the bike before I committed to buying my Ninja 636. Mike stayed engaged with me throughout the whole process via phone calls and text messages, and when it was time to get the bike, paperwork was a breeze! He even provided all of the service documents with the bike. MG Motorsport is very professional and I would not hesitate to go back. They care about the customers and go above and beyond to help them — you know a motorcycle company cares about their customers when they loan out their gear for test ride because mine was not to standard. All in all, I would highly recommend giving Mike a call if you are in the market for a bike. None better!

  • I bought my first bike from MG Motorsports about a month ago and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. There was never a point in time I felt pressured to buy a bike from Mike. He gave me a lot of information on the type of bike he thought would be good for a beginner like myself, advised me on other bikes I was considering (not from his store) and even allowed me to use his computer for as long as I wanted to see if I could find a price better than what his shop was offering. Ali also spent much more time than I could’ve asked for explaining basic riding concepts to me, given I was new to riding. Mike and Ali are true stand-up guys. I would highly recommend MG Motorsports to anyone any day. A+++

  • Professionals, 5 stars across the board. They really go the extra mile for their customers. They have alot of good bikes to choose from. If you don’t believe me then go see for yourself.

  • Hands down the best experience I’ve ever had purchasing a bike! Mike was awesome from beginning to the end he’s earned my business from here on out! If anyone is looking for a motorcycle Mike is a guy to go to!

  • I visited MG Motorsports last month just to check out their inventory, had no intentions of buying anything. Mike the owner, a really awesome guy, we talked bikes a bit he shared his track experiences and I told him what I had and what I was looking for. He showed me an R6 that they had and asked me to check it out. Absolutely no pressure to buy. I still ended up buying it mainly due to their friendly and honest service. Don’t get me wrong, the bike is awesome. Mike gave me a fair deal which was great compared to other places. MD inspection and registration of the bike was a breeze thanks to Mike’s prompt service. I’ve visited over 15 motorcycle dealerships in the DMV area in the past 4 years and MG Motorsports is by far the best motorcycle shop where I felt really comfortable. If you are into motorcycles you should definitely check this place out. I would recommend this place to anybody and everybody looking for bikes. I will be coming back here to upgrade again. Thank you Mike.

  • Mike is extremely knowledgeable about motorcycles and makes the entire buying experience a pleasure. No middle men and no pressure to buy anything. Two years ago, I was on the fence about buying a beautiful GSXR-600. I was not pressured to buy it and when I did not buy it, there was no hard feelings whatsoever. Last year, I decided to purchase a 2008 GSXR-600 and Mike couldn’t have made the process easier. He helps out military personnel and gives extremely fair prices. Highly recommend if you’re thinking about buying a great used bike. Also, he has a team of highly trained mechanics that inspect each bike and make sure that it’s 100% ready for your riding season. If there is anything that you want done i.e. new tires, the guy will have it done potentially at no cost to you. There are not many places that offer high quality customer service like this place. I HIGHLY recommend these guys. Mike will definitely take care of you.

  • Recently purchased a cbr 600rr from Mike and the crew. Extremely pleased with the service I was provided. The Guys at MG know their stuff and are willing to offer any advice to help benefit you. Would definitely recommend doing business with MG Motorsports!

  • Joshua Casagranda

    Thanks to MGMotorsports I was able to get the R6 I wanted! Big thanks to Mike! Very helpful and great service! GOD bless this business and the workers y’all were more than helpful!! I’m 100% satisfied with my choice to come to y’all and with my purchase.

  • Recently purchased a 2008 Honda CBR600RR!!

    Mike and MGMotorsports are one of the best and most accommodating business I have dealt with, especially in the motorcycle industry! He isn’t just in it for money, but he has a true passion for the sport and the culture. I have dealt with him on 2 separate bike purchases over the span of 2 years and during all of our interactions he has offered advice unsolicited and made the experience as smooth as could be imaginable.

    His prices are the best you’ll see in the area and his bikes are tried and true. He even offers a warranty which isn’t common practice with motorcycle purchases simply because he wants you to know that you can trust he isn’t trying to get one over on you. If you want to purchase a bike or have something serviced, don’t look anywhere else. Awesome guy, awesome shop, look forward to my next purchase with him!

  • MG Motorsports is the golden standard all businesses should aim to reach.

    In short, the major highlights for me were:
    -the most pleasant and smooth large purchase I’ve ever made
    -excellent customer service, answered all my questions in a timely manner

    From the first day, Mike was beyond flexible and accommodating in every aspect he could be in. I was in search of a good beginner bike and Mike was beyond helpful in my search. He patiently answered all my questions with honest and helpful answers. It’s very clear that Mike has his customers best interest in mind, which is what really make MG Motorsports stand out against all the other dealerships I visited. I cannot recommend MG Motorsports enough. They were even able to deliver the motorcycle to me in an extremely professional and timely manner, the bike arrived without a scratch and in perfect condition. I ended up purchasing a 2012 Honda CBR250R and could not be happier! Thank you for such a pleasant experience!

  • Great service Mike help me a lot was great experience to buy my first motorcycle with MG MOTORSPORTS I highly recommend this place..

  • The best place ever, simply put. Incredible service, incredible people, and a fantastic selection of high quality, well priced bikes. Mike, the owner is a truly good man who intends on doing right by absolutely everyone that he meets and helps. I personally purchased a 2007 GSX-r 600 from him and this bike was flawless. He gave it to me at a price that was in my budget and worked with me to ensure it was everything that I wanted. When I visited him the first time it was from a craigslist ad and I when I got therected he allowed me to test drive not only the bike I came to see but also 4, yes 4, other bikes that he had on the floor to ensure it was really what I wanted. After all that I ended up with the bike I have now.

    Even after I was finished buying the bike he has still been fantastic to me. On the ride home for some reason the mirror came off the left side. I immediately brought it back to Mike who already had a replacement ready to go, installed and sent me on my way at absolutely no charge other than a half hour of my time.

    Military, I am an active duty Nany sailor and he made a note of it and made sure I was taken care of. Buy with confidence and rest assured you will get a quality motorcycle guaranteed.

  • Easiest and best buying experience EVER. Mike(the owner) hooked it up with a badass 06 Honda 600CBRR with only 1,119 original miles!!

    I was a little iffy at first because ALL of his reviews were 5 stars. I was thinking, ‘he must have written all these himself. There is no way possible that his service and products each and every time receive 5 star reviews….I couldn’t believe it however after speaking with a friend, even he knew about his shop so I figured why not give him a shot.. Mike kept in contact, gave me options, didn’t try to pressure me. He’s a legit, knowledgeable, experienced stand up guy. He worked his schedule around mine. You just don’t see service like that. I now know why all of his reviews are 5 stars.

    All the different bikes in his shop were on point. Be honest with yourself, you’d rather buy from a dealership than a stranger. His dealership is connected to Gemini Motorcycle Service Center, so you know for a FACT that all his bikes have been inspected by professionals before placed in his showroom; where as if you’re buying from a random person on craigslist, you never really know what kind of condition the bikes are in.

    If you’re looking for an EXCELLENT used bike, make the smart decision and call Mike.

  • Dustin Smilek

    Knowing that I could have bought a bike from anyone anywhere, I am glad that I purchased my first bike from Mike. After searching everywhere for a couple of months I reached out to mike about a bike that he had listed on craigslist. Mike quickly returned my email and had notified me that the bike I was interested in had just sold. What a bummer; however, he also said that he had a few similar bikes to the one that I was looking at and that he wanted to earn my business. After seeing what he had and discussing what I was looking for in my first bike, he quickly found one that caught my attention. My first bike purchase could not have been any better. Mike handled everything professionally and treated us like family. If you are an experienced rider or even a beginner like me, Mike is the man to see. With transportation available if needed and a lot of useful information, you will not regret purchasing a bike at MG Motorsports. Thanks for everything Mike!!

  • I had an amazing experience at MG Motorsports. When I met with Mike I told him I was looking for a mid-range sportbike. Mike immediately began searching for me and a few days later, found a 2008 CBR600RR with very low mileage. He gave me the history of the bike and was completely honest with me. When I made the purchase it was as easy as that and I did not have a single worry about the bike. Mike was a great person to talk to and he was very patient, I never felt rushed at all during my time at MG Motorsports. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast he was able to find a bike for me and I have no doubt he can do the same for you!

  • Highly recommend and plan on returning for all motorcycle needs. Very knowledgeable, patient and walked through the entire process from start to finish. Met with me after hours twice to make the purchase happen. MGMotorsports is your quintessential small business where the people do what they do for love of the sport and share their knowledge with their customers.

  • Ive been searching for a newer motorcycle for a few months when I came across his listing on cycle trader. After talking a little about the bike, Mike offered to open up shop after hours so I could check this sweet CBR. He was extremely hospitable and professional. I could tell that he was definitely interested in ensuring that I had the best experience. I placed a small deposit on it and was able to pick it up a couple days later. MG Motorsports is definitely the place to buy your first starter bike or to replace your existing ride. Definitely look forward to catching him on the track or in the streets.

  • I bought my CBR600RR from Mike here at MG… I was hesitant at first but I put my trust in him and I was not disappointed in any way shape or form, my bike was delivered and fully inspected, tagged and registered in the same day thanks to Mike. My friend bough a Ninja 636 from him a couple of years back and was more than satisfied aswell. If you are looking to buy a bike, this should be your first and last stop!!! -David Roche | May 2016

  • I approached Mike about a month ago in search of a bike. Even though the bike I wanted sold, he said he had plenty others in store and would like to earn my business. I figured I’d give him a shot and I am glad I did. Not once did I ever question him and his knowledge. He was extremely honest and did a great job of keeping me updated on the fender eliminator kit and replacement of right side fairing (which he did not have to replace, he offered to replace it to practice good customer service). Don’t loose any sleep buying a bike from Mike. He is real straight shooter that knows the value of good customer service. All smiles about my purchase and it is very comforting that he doesn’t sell and leave you. Always there in the future to walk you through any problems. Thanks again Mike!

  • I bought a Honda CBR600RR from Mike who is an absolute awesome guy and very knowledgeable about motorcycles. The whole motorcycle buying experience was extremely painless and straightforward. Mike gave me a tour of the motorcycles on the floor and let me sit on motorcycles I was interested in. I would definitely recommend MGMOTORSPORTS to anyone interested in buying a motorcycle or upgrading to a bigger bike.

  • Enough good things can’t be said about MG Motorsports and Mike!! I bought a bike from them this past week, and the entire buying experience has been the PERFECT example of customer service!!! Mike is a very honest, knowledgeable, and non-pushy guy! Very fair and reasonable. This was my first street bike, and they agreed to meet me after their normal business hours just so I could check their bikes out, and they arranged delivery upon my purchase. They also put a NEW tire on the bike for free after I purchased it as Mike noticed that it would need a new tire soon. That’s not even the best part!!! After the bike was delivered, I went to start it the next day to find a dead battery. Yes, that sucked, but hey those things happen. What blew my mind is I called Mike up, and he was there that SAME evening IN PERSON with a New battery and a trickle charger that he gave me FOR FREE! He easily could have sent one of his employees, but he saw there was a problem, and dealt with it right away. You seriously can’t ask for better service and a better place to comfortably buy a bike. They really stand behind what they sell!! I will be using them for all of my bike transactions in the future

  • Calm and collected, dedicated and respected is the man behind the brand, Mike Gardner. Having personally known Mike for this past year and a half, working alongside him and friends here at Gemini motorcycles, I’m truly greatful to have met him and have taken a lot from his buisness attitude and commitment towards customer service. Every soul that comes through these doors here at MG Motorsports will feel this same dedication, frienship, and genuine love I have felt, and this I know. Come on down and talk it out with all of us here, for we truly enjoy the company, and the passion you bring for the sport is what keeps MG alive ! Ride safe and ride with MG Motorsports ! – Brett B.

  • Just bought a CBR600RR from Mike and couldn’t be happier. The entire process was easy and dealing with Mike could not have been better, great and honest guy, you can tell he stands behind his services. Will definitely be back for any work I need or if I’m ever looking for another bike. Would recommend MG Motorsports to anybody.

  • Such a professional and friendly face when I arrived. There was no pressure to buy and that made me comfortable. I was allowed to leave a deposit since I visited on a Sunday and his promise to deliver the next was met. We talked and laughed like we had been friends for years. Now that’s the type of buying experience you can’t find everywhere. If you haven’t brought a bike from here, you are missing a great buying, hassle free experience.

  • Wow, I can not thank Mr. Mike and his brother Nick enough for such wonderful service. I was surfing craigslist and seen a bike I was interested in and emailed them about the bike. He was prompt in returning a reply but sadly someone had brought the first bike I wanted. However, he did not disappoint because he sent me pictures of a bike that wasn’t even on the sight yet and I fell in love with that one to. I called on a Sunday and no one answered the first time. But surely just as I had hung up he returned my call and the next thing I know I’m on a unplanned trip to Virginia. When I arrived there was 2 guys looking to buy the same bike but he kept his promised and held it there for me to look at before selling it someone else. There were many calls as well about that same bike but I won the prize and will be sitting pretty for riding season. Thank you so much Mr. Mike for your amazing service and delivering my bike as promised. That was a unplanned ride that was worth taking.

  • Amazing . Period. As a first time rider my first experience in buying a motorcycle was phenomenal. They guys at MG really know their stuff. Moreover, the owner, Mike, personally walked me through the process of selecting the right motorcycle. I has a stress free experience I wish more shops will follow this model.

    Keep us the great work you definitely have a returning customer. A+

  • I’ve worked with Mike at MG Motorsports for years. I’ve bought and sold bikes through him and have been exceptionally pleased. Mike has always been extremely honest and customer focused. I remember buying a used bike from him a couple years back and he pointed out a minute imperfection on the gas tank. Even after owning the bike, I doubt I ever would have noticed it was there. But that is the type of integrity you’ll deal with. You can be confident you’ll get a great deal and not have to worry about buying a lemon.

  • If you are looking for HONEST and PROFESSIONAL service in a FRIENDLY environment, MG Motorsports is the place to go in the Washington metropolitan area.

    I worked with Mike when purchasing my first Kawasaki bike, the Ninja 650 in a beautiful plasma blue color. There was no pressure to make the purchase and I felt like I was being taken care of for a great price. Mike shared some of his motorcycling past with me and I saw how much dedication and love he has for his business and motorsports alike, this gave me great confidence that this was the shop to trust. Before I drove off Mike personally adjusted my tire pressure for the colder weather to ensure my safety.

    After such a great experience I will be a MG Motorsports customer for life!

  • Svetlana Lutsenko

    Great people and wonderful business. Honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

  • While I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan a close friend highly recommended I speak with Mike when searching for my next track bike. Upon meeting Mike I was treated with the upmost in customer service. He treated me not like a person with whom he MUST make a sale, but that of someone wanted to befriend. There was never any hard sale talk for any bike in his inventory. Mike took the time listening to what I was looking for. In the end he gave me an unbelievable price on the bike I had long sought after. With the sale complete, the superb customer service continued with recommendations on bike setup, and track days. I have been in the customer service business for 29 years and it’s rare that I experience such superb service like that of MG Motorsports. Mike has my business, and my friendship.

  • I cannot say enough good things about this business! They held a bike, that I wanted to purchase, for me until I came back from Japan!! They are huge supporters of the military, and law enforcement! Customer service is out of this world!!
    They just took care of my riding coach, as well. He returned from Japan, and bought a GSXR from them.
    They, and Gemini motorcycles, rock!

  • Courteous..friendly…great to do business with…Mike is a true..honest guy. If you are looking for a great place to purchase a new ride this is the place for you.

  • MG motorsports has been around a long time before the brick and mortar store. Mike and his colleagues have been doing business for years. Even long before I bought not just one CBR600RR but two of them. I had so much trust in MG motorsports I bought my second CBR600RR while I was deployed in Iraq but wanted some customized work done on the bike before I returned home for good and the bike turned out amazing.. The bike was even delivered when I arrived back home in Fredericksburg, VA… Mike and staff are professional and fair and even if a purchase is made the following up just to make sure all is well… I’ve contacted MG motorsports on several occasions to get advice on bikes and they never fail to point me in the right direction or help fix or upgrade my bike…Hands down best motorcycle shop on the East Coast…

  • Myself and a friend visited MG Motorsports to look at a possible purchase. It was our first visit. Ever person whom we crossed paths asked could the help us or have we been helped. (First impressions mean everything) We selected a used Kawasaki 636 and after negotiating a happy medium and deal was met. I felt Mike was interested in making a sale, yet never felt pushed or pressured in anyway. While at MG I realized these guys were, friendly, honest and experienced. They were full of tips, info and knowledge. For me honesty is best and that’s all we have good in the world today. The bike we selected had a few issued mostly do to MD state inspection. MD has one of the hardest inspections to pass. Mike repaired everything without any moans or groans.I would recommend MG Motorsports to friends and would return to make purchases in the future. Mike and Ali it was a pleasure doing business with two fair and honest men. Thanks again.

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